In 1953, Hugh Hefner Founded Playboy, a lifestyle Magazine built around Art, Culture, Literature and of course, Sex. What a lot of people don’t know however is that Music was actually a critical piece of Playboys birth. Playboy was a pioneer in the music industry from its inception. From hosting Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis Jr. on Playboy’s Penthouse which first aired in 1959 as well as James Brown, Fleetwood Mac, Tina Turner and BB King on Playboy After Dark, the spirit of Hugh Hefner lives on through music. In the same year, Playboy held it's first ever Playboy Jazz Festival, which is still alive and well today.

Being a champion of edgy musical guests and lively entertainment, Hugh Hefner’s influence on the industry was apparent from the start. Today, Hugh Hefner’s spirit lives on through music and now Playboy brings to you our Playboy Audio line. Having done extensive industry research and product testing over the last few years, Playboy is finally bringing the best sound and quality in Headphones, earphones, and portable Bluetooth speakers to market beginning with our Playboy 1953 Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones