Playboy Icon 1 Premium Wireless Headphones & Portable Carrying Case - [Now Available]

Introducing the Icon 1 Premium High End Wireless Bluetooth Headphones by Playboy. 

EXPERIENCE BETTER BEATS & SUPERIOR SOUND!  The ICON 1 Premium Wireless Headphones By Playboy offer an industry leading, high end listening experience for music, movies & games from your smartphone, tablet, smart TV or any of your Bluetooth enabled devices.

The ICON 1 Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Features:

  • BETTER COMFORT: Our ultra-portable, lightweight, ergonomic design provides superior style & comfort.
  • BETTER SOUND: Our ultra-premium distortion-free sound combined with our powerful rich bass offers a superior industry leading High-fidelity listening experience.
  • BETTER HANDS FREE CALLING: Our advanced microphone technology offers a premium crystal-clear listening experience using wireless hands-free technology for your smartphone, computer and more.
  • BETTER BATTERY LIFE - The ICON 1 Headphones are integrated with newer, safer and better lithium-ion batteries for a faster charge & longer lasting wireless listening experience.  Listen up to 22 hours per charge.
  • WIRELESS OR WIRED CONNECTION OPTIONS: Listen wirelessly via Bluetooth or use the included auxiliary cable for line-In connection.

What’s in the PLAYBOY ICON 1 Retail Box?

  • PLAYBOY ICON 1 Premium wireless headphones
  • PLAYBOY ICON 1 Portable protective hard-shell carrying case for traveling & on the go protection
  • PLAYBOY ICON 1 48 Inch Premium Playboy branded auxiliary cable for line-In / wired listening
  • PLAYBOY ICON 1 Matte black 18 inch micro USB charging cable
  • PLAYBOY ICON 1 Microfiber cloth wipe